Final Fantasy X remake?

    Square Enix has announced that a FFX HD remake is coming for Vita and PS3. Do you have any expectations for the design of Spira’s cities and architecture? Maybe we will be able to view them 3D from all angles? Do you want access to more areas that you would have loved to be able to get into? Any expectations or wishes on an architectural level?!

    Posted on September 14, 2011
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    2. prashious answered: Oh my god, I WANT TO SEE BEVELLE! That is pretty much the pinnacle of Spiran architecture for me.
    3. chaoticrice answered: omg I HOPE they add stuff like that!
    4. vanillameringue answered: omg, seriously anticipating it!! I’d love for 8 to also get one, and 9.
    5. finnafantasy answered: OMG. I’m sorry I don’t really any ideas about architecture, but i just wanna say i just FANGASMED
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      Wat… as long as they don’t pull a George Lucas and ruin things cause they have nothing better to do. They should finish...
    7. huamachuco answered: hopefully they make it not suck this time
    8. surprisebltch answered: They should probablt remake the previous games first. VII, VIII, and IX need it way more than X right now
    9. lunaticstar answered: Haha, yes, but other HD remakes (Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell) have THREE games in the bundle for 30ish bucks. A great deal. Maybe they do this
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    11. headdeskben answered: I’M SO EXCITED
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    13. unluckyfortunecookie answered: I heard about this and I kinda excited cause it would mean I have one orignal copy and HD copy and besides FFX wasn’t all bad.
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