1. Orphan’s Cradle or the Nascent Throne, the final dungeon existing in an alternate dimension. 
  2. wings-of-fish said: Just wanted to let you know: Love you, and miss your blog! Thank you -always- for the hard work and much effort you put into it. It's a wonderful gift, getting to see the worlds of Final Fantasy get just as much appreciation as those that live in them. <3

    Thank you very much for your sweet and kind words. The last few months have been difficult trying to balance between studies, work and other priorities, so I had neglected this blog. Your message has encouraged me to specify some time for it again. Damn I wanna start playing the games again as well! Thanks!

  3. WRO in Edge
  4. Lufenia Magic Shop
For all the nostalgia suckers out there ;)
  5. Radiuju&#8217;s Room in St. Ivalice
  6. Anonymous said: brilliant collection!! I think your tumblr should be more spread because there is no website or anything else that's specified for FF architecture, and I love the name! Fantitecture!!! lol brilliant!!! keep up the great work... just one question... are you a guy or a girl? :]

    Thank you! Your words are greatly appreciated!! I wish I’d post more often though, but life has a very busy schedule! If you want Fantitecture everywhere, then please spread the word, be my guest ;)

    How do you expect me to answer such question when you are wearing a mask, anon?! :)

  7. Rise of The New Cocoon 
  8. Bohden Gate, Lindblum&#8217;s passageway to Aerbs Mountains, near South Gate
  9. Zeltennia Castle
  10. Midgar, a real life model
  11. Anonymous said: Great tumblr :) I am very interested in both ff vii and viii architecture. Do you know where can I find the concept skethes from those games on paper, any book or magazine? Thanks!

    Thank you and my apologies for the delay in response.
    I couldn’t find something specific about architecture when I asked the same question, and that’s why I created this tumblr in an attempt to create a collection of all I could find.
    These might interest you though: The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy, it contains the art of Amano for FF I-X. Also The Art of Final Fantasy IX, and The Worlds of Final Fantasy

  12. The City of Rabanastre
  13. Lunar Cry
  14. Balamb Hotel - Room Interior 
  15. Mechanical instrument appears in Yuna's concert in Luca
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